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Meet the Team 


Growing up with cats and dogs in Monterey I've always had a love for animals. I now have a goofy dog of my own, Luna. In our free time we enjoy finding new places to hike and watch sunsets on the beach. I have been working with dogs since 2013, Jessica has taught me everything I know about grooming. I have grown a love for every single one of our clients over the years.


 I own two male guinea pigs. I've owned many dogs and previously lived with my grandma at her farm for 4 years. I now own a cute and quirky red St Poodle named Sunny. She keeps us on our toes. I enjoy coming into work and showing all the dogs some love.





I have owned The Pet Spa for 18 years. I have been grooming since 1994. My love for animals started at a young age starting with cats. When I go my first dog Sarg the black lab I was sold. I grew the love for showing dogs such as, Standard poodles and Pumik. I own 2 Pumik and a rescue named Fische. I also have 2 kids and 3 cats and 8 chickens! I live in the village and love the community here. I am a member of the Del Monte Kennel Club and The Pumi Club of America.

Our Helpers

I've been obsessed with animals for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the Bay Area owning cats, even a pair of guinea pigs. I now have a silly Catahoula mix named Josie. When I'm not working, I enjoy exploring new places with my pup and trying new food. I love that i get to work with dogs and watch their transformation each step of the way.



I am a Hungarian herding dog called the Pumi. I moved here from Italy when I was just a 4-month-old pup! I love agility, herding, and especially chasing the ball. I have worked at The Pet Spa since 2015. My job is to alert to everyone that someone is here for a spa day! 



I am a Hungarian Herding dog called the Pumi. I was born in Hungary and joined The Pet Spa in 2017. My favorite thing to do is bark and dig for gophers. I love working at The Pet Spa because everyone gives me cookies!



I came to work at The Pet Spa as a rescue dog because I barked too much, which means that I fit right in. I love kisses and kids and COOKIES! I'm a fierce 6lbs. I might be small but I sure am mighty!



Most People call me Luney. My mom adopted me from the Monterey County SPCA when I was just 3 years old. I now live my best life going on fun adventures. My favorite place is The Pet Spa. I get to see all my best buds and some of my favorite humans. My job is to greet everyone, and I even get paid in cookies! 



Hi! I'm a Catahoula mix. I am 100% energy all the time 24/7, NO days off! I rarely get tired but when I do I love to snuggle with my mom! My favorite place is the beach where I can spend hours swimming and running. I love belly rubs and all my friends at The Pet Spa!

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